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il_Duce - 22:25 June 08, 2003
LAN Date set!
Mark your calendar folks! August 15, 16 and 17 this summer Internet Maximum presents the 4th Annual IMGaming LAN Party!! Keep checking the LAN section for updates.

il_Duce - 19:36 April 05, 2003
Free Web-based imgaming.com E-mail!
As you may have noticed, I have added the feature where anyone can sign up for their own @imgaming.com e-mail address. This is a fully-functioning POP3 email address, with webmail support. Just click the link to the left if you don't already have an account, or just enter your email address in the blanks to log in to your account.

il_Duce - 1934 September 05, 2002
It's no longer LAN Party Season
That's all folks! She be over. It was another great LAN, and therefore, I must post the pictures online before i suffer the wrath of a thousand nerds' threats of virtual beatings. Check out the picture collection and movie over here at the pictures page.

il_Duce - 16:42 June 15, 2002
It's LAN Party Season!!!
Yep, it's that time again!
We have booked the Skywings Aviation Hanger this summer for the weekend of August 23-25 for our annual LAN Party. We are anticipating another great event, and hopefully we can see you there.
Bookmark http://www.imgaming.com/lan for updated information, registration information, etc.

il_Duce - 00:02 September 26, 2001
Yep, I bought a scanner (Thanks Reg!) So I have the pictures already up in the LAN:Pictures section. You know the drill!

il_Duce - 15:12 September 19, 2001
LAN Party Is Over!!
Well folks, it's over. This had to have been our best event ever (out of two, whatever...)!!
We had some cool prizes to give out and ran a few tournaments, and generally, just had a heck of a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone that came out, and I'm glad I got to meet a few more of you guys in real life.
I'm hoping to buy a scanner soon, so keep tuned in for the pictures!

il_Duce - 09:35 August 10, 2001
LAN Party Update!
Just a few quick notes for all those going to be attending the lan next weekend. Please check here for more details.

il_Duce - 20:11 May 27, 2001
LAN Party Ready to go!!!
Yes, that's right folks! The staff of Internet Maximum (yea, thats what the IM in imgaming.com stands for - if you didnt know :] ) have got a date and location of this year's big lan party!!
Like last year's event, this one will be held at the Red Deer Regional Airport, and will take place from Friday afternoon on the 17th to sunday afternoon on the 19th of August. More information can be found at www.imgaming.com/lan.

il_Duce - 00:10 Apr 12, 2001
Tribes2 Server Unleashed!!!
The Staff of IMGaming.com, along with ceown[0wn3d] have set up a 16 20 player Tribes 2 server open to the general public. This high intensity game will attract the best players from the Alberta and western Canadian Region with low pings and high excitement.
If you dont have your own copy, go out and buy one today.
Soon to be released, as well, is the official IMGaming.com Tribes2 web site! Keep posted for new happenings here.
A Tribes2 forum has been created for anyone interested.

Also, we may be having a lan party possibly in early May, so if you have some interest, please let us know.

il_Duce - 22:30 Mar 05, 2001
Hey all!
Just to recap as we lost the last news post, we have a few different items on the agenda.
  • New Counter-Strike Web page is up! Great Job Roofus!! Clickity Here!
  • New CS Server is up!!! Dave at Solarbotics has dished us up a nice juicy server for public use. Check out the stats here!!
  • Work on the upcoming lan party is underway! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, let one of the admins know about it at the LAN Party Discussion Forum. We are still trying to decide if we can hold one beforehand, so let us know what you want!!

il_Duce - 11;33 Nov 06, 2000
Well, big news i guess for today. I got my T3. Whew... got that out...
And with that comes a bunch of servers. Our main server is now hosting a 16 (!!) player CS server with FF on. Right now, i am in talks with a fellow LANner, v0rt3x and his buddy StraT-r3v, in helping me make the best of my little server. I have the options of making it either an 8 player DM server (everyone says thats boring) or find a better mod to play, such as 1 on 1 or Team DeathMatch. Until then, i am testing out various configurations in CS, such as bots and other settings. Anyway, the info for all the servers are available in the... yup.. you guessed it... The 'Servers' section :)

il_Duce - 00:39 Oct 20, 2000
Yes, I finally got around to finishing what seemed to me to be a major step to making imgaming.com a full-fledged gaming site!

I know you care so much about all the time and effort i put in, so leave me typing nonsense and go to the lan section of imgaming.com to see the pics!!

il_Duce August 20-something
Our very first LAN Party is now over, and we would like to thank everyone for coming out and also a special thanks to Sky Wings for their generosity in being excellent hosts and renting us the hanger AND donating 4 door prizes to lucky participants.

Xpressnet was so kind as to be able to lend us some Alcatel 24 port 10/100 switches for use to get our network all set up and running over 1000 feet of network cable on demand for all the LAN Party participants.
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